Monday, 31 March 2014


Lights hit my face and I stare back into the dark
Pausing a moment to feel a warm spark
The warm spark of elation, rising up from all small things
For now the chorus is over, now's my time to sing

Its time to act, to be myself again
Its time to heal, to rid every pain
Its time that you just watch, and listen with your eyes
Its time that you heard, a silent scream descending from the skies

Watch me act, portray out my life
Watch the smiles of the colours, watch the hurts of knives
Watch me be myself, for before, there was noone to watch
See through my face, stare into my soul which is stepping up a notch

I've heard a silence so many times and screamed,
Yet silence beats the noise, almost everytime it seems
But I won't bow down, for I am not weak enough to cling
to neverending silences, I am strong enough to sing

Whatever, you have to say, say it after curtains are drawn
For this stage, is my safe haven, its my grass lawn
I hope of freedom, like the stage gives me, not making me curse
'Cos life's indeed a play,but I just forgot to rehearse

See my rise, see my fall,
Hear my highs, hear my calls
Breathe my air, stand in my shoes
While I paint my life with brightness and hues

And I don't want the world to know, cause I think they won't understand
When everything's meant to be broken I just want you to know who I am
While I act out this script called destiny, with a little help from my will
For I have slept a lot, but now's the time to throw away the quilt

I don't want to be happy, be sad, but just me with my dreams
For life never truly draws curtains, it quite so seems
And now, that there's no rights or wrongs, no fear or wrong
Listen to my voice, rising up from dark and silence, Listen to my song.

Duttnath Thakur
30th March, 2014

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

An Old Wife's Tale

 We were all aboard, to sail through the seven seas
through the five oceans and only time was our fee
The wind blew all day and night, and waves were our friends
All of us were on a wooden house, and yes the time was what we spent

I haven't got a story as great as that old Mariner,
I haven't got a story of a great ol' surviver
I just have a few words to tell what they just can't
If you're all about merry endings then just shut your eyes and chant

Chanting the ballads was the way we spoke
Rum and bread was finer than any diner,
Glee and excitement was the water in which we'd soak
Our weathered ol' boat felt better than any cruise liner

Chant for the people who sung the songs
Chant for the waves who were there all along
Chant for the winds who'd blow all night
Chant for me, who is now as useless as a framed kite

The compass lie on the captain's board
The sailors lied on the Victoria's old deck
Like a seagull, the water was through what we soared
We all were there for each others calls and beck

I now lie with my hand all withered and dry
Salt is what I still breathe, and ocean is still what I cry
The rum is the water that still extinguishes the thirst
Whenever I remember how bad our lives were cursed

The ship was like a feather, flowing at what providence commanded
I used to be called the Wife, cause I'd fetch e'rything for e'ryone
But I didn't mind, cause in my dream job had I landed
We were rebaptized and our names were again rechristened

I lie all hollow, the ribs don't now save that heart they first used to
Instead they hope, that I die soon so I just could see my friends again
Though I am still eighteen, the hands don't move the cart like they first used to
Instead they hope I strangle myself, so I just could see my friends again

I grew sixteen on Victoria, they all said now I was a man,
The cake was the bread this time seared on a pan
On it was written Hapi Birthdai Wiif, cause they just couldn't spell
And it was the tastiest cake that in my gut ever fell

I still try to find a cake so messed up but brilliant
I still try to find a friend so bullying yet so warm
I still try to find a person who writes English as great as they did
I still try to find even in a castle a small comfortable dorm

The cabin in which I slept didn't have a mattress
The Victoria didn't even have a single blanket
But yet the coldest night felt so warm
Cause we knew that we'd see our friends upon whom our lives could be bet

They say time is the ointment that heals all wounds,
But I spent it all on that wooden board
The board on which I was a flower, a flower of full bloom
But am now I am withered, cause I bathed in acid, which god himself has poured

I used to throw my line into the water after a long hail Mary,
I got to dream that I'd find that sea fairy,
The burnt fish tasted like a heaven after it was mine catch
A single small fish would suffice for all of our batch

As I count my last breaths I just want to see
See the bubbling blue and the serene sea
The place where I was reborn, and the place where a walk was a fly
The place where I matured and grew old, the place that I died

'Twas a full moon night, we sat on the deck, humming nothing but silence
It was all so calm, everyone on deck, solituding the dorm
The most ethereal moment of our lives and suddenly everything became tense
Uneasiness prevailed in my heart, and suddenly the mast screamed 'Storm'

If only had I died, if only had I left
this miserable universe, if only had my life gone in a theft
And if my heart stopped to beat and only silence prevailed
I wish that Victoria without a Wife would've sailed

Thunder, tempest, typhoon, tyranny, call it what you will
I call it cheating, cause as soon as I was born, my life had been billed
Our ol' friends were now our enemies and we were no match
A single gale and a single wave and the Victoria still floated, but unfortunately not the batch

This is an Old Wife's Tale, one told in youth
My life is like when in rain you step in a booth
The rain silences out and you understand you feel like a dew-enveloped bud
But in my case only I was drenched in naught but my friends Blood

We all were thrown into that ocean, and there lied only one miserable piece of wood
The water so cold that even ice submerged in it would end up dead
Then they thought they were too old and the chance to live should
be gifted to me and on the log along with me they kept a bottle of rum and a loaf of bread

I have cried so much, that I think I should drown,
I have died so much, that even life wishes to frown
I was given a curse disguised as a gift and thus I became a Mariner
I am sorry I lied, but unfortunately this is indeed the story of a surviver

                                                                                                                                                      - Duttnath Thakur
                                                                                                                                                        20th July, 2013

Saturday, 16 February 2013


I sunk a gold and bronze crown in a tub
I wished to know which was a major and which a sub
I found it out but didn't run screaming eureka on the street
Because in my mind an idea was fossilising like in peat

What is true and what  is not
In my mind this battle was fought
That who am I to judge something to be right
Because till then I only had a limited sight

I was that golden crown just too malleable
I melt myself to something which was a big question mark
For I too had gone to unravel the undoable
I floated in the ocean of doubt in my own ark

Even in the water my image was virtual
Even in unity my thoughts were always dual
In the mind only that question was so sonorous
Seeping into such a great depth for it was so porous

I questioned what was I, if I even exist
Am I a group of fingers or am I a fist
My whole life began to be the Truman's Show
My vitality and vigor for life became so low

In this fake world, my genuinity seems fake
I am too a leaf caught in the victimising rake
Who are others to judge me as right or wrong,
Only for that have I written this miserable song

I think I realised even if life is that show
What is the problem in living with the flow?
But that was just a perception because I might not be real too
So I just leave the same question here as it is, to You.

                                                                                                                                                                 Duttnath Thakur
7th February, 2013

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I lie between the heaven and the earth
Touching the earth with the feet and heaven with my head
My skin as warm as though I'd laid on the hearth
So many things in my mind yet nothing to be said

I decide my fate, being the architect of my own destruction
I decide my death, feeling as though this world is malfunctioned
As hurt as a wounded dog, shedding my pride
From a swan I am a mosquito, with only dangers and death on my side

I take the elevator, which scientists call gravity
Yet the problem is that it only goes down
Yet forgetting science and faith I shed my sanity
Leaving this skyscraper to go to a peaceful town

To leap or not to leap
To leave or not to leave
To live or not to live
To myself forgiive or not to forgive

How is it that yesterday I was Peanuts and today I'm Shakespear
How is it that yesterday I was so scared but today I live with no fear
Life is a dark room with no windows for outside for us to see
Unfortunately there exists a gate for us all to flee

Gradually in the dark room, my eyes get accustomed
Gradually amidst darkness I get light as my life's ransom
I ask to the Is for not wealth, not pride, not fear but wisdom
I don't know why but when asked we are allowed to enter god's kingdom

I jump not from the edge to the ground but the opposite
I opened the door of the dark room yet just in time closed it
I quad vide from life to death before my heart could fail
I remembered that life too is a skyscraper left for us to scale

Duttnath Thakur

Saturday, 25 February 2012

As I Like It

I love the world as soon as I sight it
I love its taste as soon as I bite it
I see the world as a mountain, existing to hike it
I see the world as I like it

I sound to me better than Mozart
I seem to me the best one there is at heart
I seem to me to be completely full of excitement
I seem to me to be completely full of enlightenment

I seem to me, to live in absolute perfection
I seem to me, to be the god's own reflection
As everything I know, has only me in common
As everything I don't, has me uncommon

For me the universe is the things I see
For me the universe is who I want to be
For me the universe is for my locked soul, a key
For me the universe is just, for me

Unfortunately for me, a you exist
Too good to go to, yet too good to resist
For you, I am a you and for you, you are a me
Yet for me, you are a you and for me, I am a me

To you, I am so much boring, that water flows through my mouth
To you, I am an old compass, who just keeps pointing South
To you, I am as imperfect as one can possibly be
To you, telling the truth, I am truly me

For me, you, is dangerous as soon as I sight it
For me, you, is just inedible, I just can't bite it
For me, you, is a tall mountain, just can't hike it
For me, you, is in the end, as I like it

Duttnath Thakur
18th February, 2012

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Seriously Speaking

Whenever I say I am serious people laugh
Whenever I say that I am full they consider me half
They contradict every thing making me furious
Come on, believe me, I am serious

When I joke, their eyes get misty
As soon as I am attention, that they all get twisty
As soon as I say that there's a dead bird with a sigh
They all turn up their heads towards the sky

When I drive on left they all walk at right
All they do is chuckle when I try to give them a fright
Every word from my mouth is lighter than a feather
Yet I am so boring that sitting beside me they ask me the weather

So pathetically perfect but yet so blissfully bogus
All my words to them seem like hocus pocus
As soon as flow with joy, they all begin leaking
and whenever I say the truth they say "come on seriously speaking"

Duttnath Thakur
4th February, 2012

Thursday, 2 February 2012


One dies yet one lives on
The pipe is empty yet drops drip on
After a body belongs in a mortuary
all it becomes is a memory

You remember it yet you don't
You can recall but yet you won't
As free and as bound as an aviary
Exist these everlasting memories

Of life, of death, of happiness, of grief
So many so long but yet so brief
So easy yet so difficult like archery
So simple yet so unique is a memory

So very open and yet so dense
So weightless yet impounding, hence
Marching on and on like an infantry
Somewhere in your brain is a memory

So very shady yet so open
So very complete yet so broken
So small in size but so legendary
Exists somewhere your memory

Duttnath Thakur
2nd February, 2012

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Bound on foreign waters without a row
Bound to let the words just flow
Bound to chains I cannot break
Bound to a feeling that isn't fake

I want to say but I just cannot
I want it to ripe but it can only rot
A thing I want to say but the lips just don't move
My feet feeling as heavy as horse's hooves

We all are bound to something invisible
We all are bound to something indivisible
We all are bound to something so simple
We all are bound to have on a perfect face a pimple

So simple to just say three words
So simple to say 'I am sorry'
But even at a velocity of 100 miles an hour,
A small bump always stops the lorry

Guilt, pride, anger and hurt
So very loose, but yet so curt
But whenever I want to start the apologetic train
I am bound, bound completely by these chains

Bound to my feet, bound to my mouth
Bound to the fear of everything going south
Bound to my tears, waiting to drop from my eye
Bound to no one but only to I

We want freedom, but that is unattainable
We always want to say something that is just not sayable
We want to have nothing to want
We want for us to have something there to haunt

We are all pages binded in a book
Although so open, we can only look
That to be free of everything is impossible
That the need to be free of our body is very plausible

Duttnath Thakur
28th January, 2012

Friday, 20 January 2012


Merriness tonight rains upon me
Slowly evaporates, but leaves behind glee
Happier than everyone, I am happier than me
Like in this whole world there exists only happiness to see

The moon too is happy and so is every star
So near to me yet so far
Lying on a flowerbed without any thorns
After the darkness there exists only the dawn

Everything is smiling, everything's in sync
In my body prosperity is on the brink
Its on the verge of dripping out
And drips from every single word from my mouth

Too happy to think, too happy to breathe
Too easy to smile, too easy to please
If I had a third eye certainly I'd be gold
To find warmth, in myself do I fold

A small doubt always taints the tears of joy
But I ignore it cause today from a man, I am back to a boy
The doubt says that today, everything is happy to sum
But just remember always that tomorrow is yet to come

Duttnath Thakur
20th January, 2012

Friday, 13 January 2012


Standing there with a gun in my hand
Weight in my heart sinking like in quicksand
My index just kissing the trigger waiting for command
While he stands there with only forgiveness in demand

Feeling so much but to sum all, wrath
In the dark waters of the seven sins I bath
Within my temple veins exploding
Wrath is the agent of my mind's eroding

To kill or not to kill the only question mark
Standing as rigid as an oak's bark
With nothing but anger on my fingertips
Just pure venom spitting from my two lips

His chance to speak is over
And so is his mercy seeking nonsense
Seeing his life in his little clover
There is only disposal of anger at my expense

Making my decision, firming my palm
He shivering begging me to calm
I act god, deciding a man's fate
In all the chaos just alleviating my heart-rate

Amidst the silence penetrates a voice in my brain
Saying to break the corrupting wrath's chain
Saying to not to be god, but just human
Asking to decline a decision more vital than Truman's

Somewhere in Hell it begins to snow
Somewhere in my heart purity begins to flow
Loosing all wrath, loosening my grip
Only to find on his cheek a tear's drip

                                                                                                                                           Duttnath Thakur
                                                                                                                                           13th January, 2012